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Simplify your technology journey into the future

Our services


Reduce costs, increase accuracy, improve compliance and reduce processing time through the use of virtual workforce. We can help you evaluate, plan, execute and operationalize your automation journey.

AI Solutions

Complement and enhance your existing organizational processes and services through natural language processing (NLP), machine vision, virtual assistants and interfacing bots.

Digital Service Management

Successful organizations are investing in the six building blocks to develop digital service management capabilities and unlock the value to the business. Find out what they are, and how they may serve as key enablers for your organization.


Organizations have access to more data today then ever in history. Discover how analytics can be deployed to derive actionable insights from this fast growing data.

Transform IT Operations

The industry is buzzing with various terms – IT Operations Analytics, AIOps, Cognitive Operations, ZeroOps and so on. Hype or reality? Let us take you through the transformation journey.


Navigate the hype around blockchain, identify business use cases and pilot technical proof-of-concept to discover how this emerging technology is applicable to your organization. 

Our Services

About us

We are a consulting and technology company, formed by leading consulting practitioners. We are an agile practice that delivers value to our clients at speed, mentors and grooms the next generation of consulting practitioners and technology experts, all while inculcating a culture of creativity and happiness at work. We are based in Singapore and have clients across the ASEAN region.

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