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Digital Service Management

The key to managing the digital enterprise

Enterprise functions – IT, Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities and others – often struggle to deliver efficient, customer-centric services to the business. The “watermelon effect” is quite common, where on the outside the service metrics (e.g. SLAs) are green, but under the surface (whether through perception or reality) it is red and fragile, and the business is dissatisfied.


Successful organizations are investing in the six building blocks to develop digital service management capabilities and unlock the value to the business.

Digital User

Provide users a modern experience through a variety of channels - chatbots, virtual assistants, intuitive mobile and web interfaces, etc. that enables them to interact and consume services as per their requirements and preferences


Use big data analytics to unlock the value from operational data – generate real-time ]dashboards on health and performance metrics of the Business Service, get actionable alerts to reduce outages, improve utilization enabling the  transformation to a proactive service delivery organization

Business Service Centric Approach

Shift the focus from technology or process to the end services that are delivered to the business. Start by creating transparency through end-to-end (E2E) service maps linking the various service components

Service Integration and Management

Move to a plug-n-play service delivery model where one or more internal or external service providers delivering different service components are seamlessly integrated to provide an E2E service to the business


Use automation to improve productivity, increase accuracy, improve compliance, reduce processing time, thereby delivering a faster, more robust and more cost-effective service to the business

Performance Excellence Culture

People should be incentivized to identify automation opportunities, fix knowledge gaps, finetune processes, submit innovation ideas, etc. – all measured through leading and lagging indicators

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